Our Story

We started our journey on Kickstarter with the goal of merging traditional leather production with today's latest innovation. With the help of our backers we were able to turn an idea into reality. D.C.I. is more than a brand, we are on a mission to inspire the next wave of innovative thinkers, change makers, and risk takers to always strive to do more.

D.C.I. was developed by Caleb Shifferaw, a young entrepreneur inspired by his father's career in innovation and design which lead to the invention of the revolutionary Bowflex exercise machine. Building on the innovative environment he was raised in, Caleb is carving his own path for trailblazers.

Caleb Shifferaw
Founder | Ceo

How are we different?

Did you know... more than half of the luxury products on the market are built from man-made leather? Yes, its true! PU leather better known as "pleather" is what most of the industry uses today. In addition to the fake leather material, these products are often poorly designed. Giving little to no attention to detail, companies outsource manufacturing for a fraction of the final sale price. Why the cost mark up? Because established brands will slap their logo on it and consumers end up paying quality prices for a mediocre product.

Our team has spent the last 16 months visiting factories in Ethiopia as well as testing new designs to ensure we are delivering a premium product.

Now, whats so good about Ethiopian leather? The quality! Ethiopia is Africa's #1 leather producer. Ethiopia has been providing quality and perfection to the leather goods industry for many years. We are on a mission to merge traditional leather production with todays latest innovation.